My name is Maria and I am a travel addict.

Does working long hours and not making a fortune sounds familiar to you?

Well, don’t get my wrong I love my full time job but it just doesn’t pay me enough to feed my passion: Traveling!

I always wanted to travel to places like New York, Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney but every time I was trying to book my flights all my plans were falling to pieces. The reason? My tiny budget!

I was so jealous of all these Travel Bloggers on Instagram traveling to places and seeing the world with their own eyes.

I became almost a paranoid calling several travel agents per week and writing down the prices of the quotes given for my tickets. Before I was making a decision and by the time I was calling those agents to book my tickets, the price had gone up!

So, I decided to developed my own system, I scour the web and find the best flight deals available.

Don’t worry I will share my secret sauce ?

My method

I subscribed to almost every single newsletter of airlines, travel agents and meta search engines. As a result I received a ton of emails daily (lucky me #NOT). My next problem was how to cherry pick the real deals from the click bait ones.

Well, my flat mate is an I. T guy so I presented him with a massive list of excel sheets. He looked at me and asked me two questions:

1. Name my TOP-20 dreamed destinations

2. How much money could I afford to pay to travel to each one of them

A week after he showed me a software developed by him which flags every eye-catching deal that lands into my inbox like a round trip ticket to Los Angeles for just £200 or a trip to Hawaii for £250!

I tested it for a couple of weeks and it works!

I managed to travel so far in Sydney and Taiwan for a real bargain flight deal!

My promise

Sharing is caring so just keep an eye on my blog posts as every time I come across a unique flight deal, I will share the love ?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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