A roadmap of how to get the best flight deals


I hope you enjoyed my last post, Even more, I hope you enjoy this one better. It’s about time to book your next trip’s flights but you are uncertain of how to get the best flight deal available out there? I know you searched several price comparison websites before you booked but there is still a chance you are losing a great discount! I am going to show you a road map of how to get the best flight deals.

What is the best time to book my flights

There are several researches as to when is the best time to book flights. Here is an interesting one from Skyscanner. I will take as example one of the most saturated routes out of London which is London to Orlando (any airport).July appears to be the most expensive month of the year when the prices are higher than average by 34%. The second most expensive month is August where the prices are higher than average by 11%. This makes perfect sense as the prices are clearly affected by the seasonality (summer holiday period).Surprisingly, the best month to book flights to Orlando throughout the year is June where the prices are 12% cheaper than average. Therefore, in this particular scenario, if you wish to travel to Orlando you should better be doing this in June. If this is not possible just follow the recommendations of the Skyscanner’s tool and find the second cheaper month of the year for the destination of your preference. It worth the try, this is a great source of information.

How many days in advance should I book my flights?

Alright, so you decided what is the best time to travel using the sky scanner’s tool. The question now is when is the best time for you to book the flights you found. How many days in advance you should book those flights? There is an article from Cheapair showing that you should book air tickets exactly 54 days in advance. In a glance, the research shows that the air fares begin to drop slowly somewhere between the seventh and third month prior departure. Afterwards, period the air fares are diminishing steadily up until 54 days before departure where they hit their limit down. From then on the prices begin to go up again until the day of the flight departure. So the magic number to remember is 54.

Make sure your search history is not abused

Some airlines and online travel agencies have ways to monitor your on-site behavior while searching for a flight. To put it simple the more you search for a flight the more the price increases. The booking engine uses cookies to track the consumer behavior and once they realize you are highly interested to a particular flight they some times hike up the price for a higher profit and also to create the urge of a missing opportunity to you. However, before you get too disappointed that your flight price has increased and you have now lost a great bargain due to you hesitation to book at that time…take a big breath! Then open a new incognito window and search again for the same flight and…voila! You will be surprised once you see that the price you had initially spotted it’s still there 🙂 Cool right?


How do I know I have secured the best flight deal in the market?

So you should know by now who is you destination and what is the best month to travel there. You should also have a good idea of how many days in advance you should book your flights. Finally, you took all the necessary precautions to be absolutely sure the booking engine is not cheating on you. Let’s now make sure you get the best deal in the market. Meta search engines like Skyscanner, Kayak, and Cheapflights are out there to compare the flight prices of almost 300 hundred airlines and online travel agencies for you. Once you do your research on all those websites you are almost certain you have got the best flight deal available as essentially those price comparison websites are there to do exactly that for you, to find you the best price. That’s almost accurate. The reason is those websites compare the prices of online travel agencies and airlines online. But what about the travel agencies which have no online presence? Have you ever considered they may have better air fare deals but they only sell those over the phone or at their brick and mortar high street stores? A perfect example is the one of Flightcentre. They have been around for years and due to their size they have achieved some great deals with airlines for fares they don’t sell online. Simply because their business model is based on walk-in customers and sales over the phone. In my opinion right before you book the flights you found online you should always check with some travel agencies which are not specializing on online sales (such as Flightcentre) just in case they could match or even beat the online price you found. It will only take you five minutes to make that call and ask if they can give you a better price than the one you found online. Just so you know some high street agencies offer a best price guarantee promise! Don’t lose this opportunity, after all you have nothing to lose. It’s just a phone call. You did all that hard work don’t give up now.


I hope this road map would help you find the best flight deal you always wanted. Just follow the steps to make sure you know when to book, then search for the best available flight deals here and once you spot the deal of your preference pick up the phone and call some travel agencies, ask them to beat the price you found online. Try some from this list first. I would be happy to hear if it worked for you. Good luck.



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16 Replies to “A roadmap of how to get the best flight deals”

    • thank you Ganesh I m glad you liked it

  • Thank you for this information, I had no idea that 54 days was the magic number and the more I search during the same browsing session the more I get charged. I love the flight center. I have never heard of this. Very informative and obviously could be very cost effective.

    • thank you Bobbi,
      please keep an eye for the part 2 of this post more tips and tricks are coming 🙂

  • Mr. Progress says:

    Thanks for the tips! Have to book a flight the upcoming week, so totally going to use your recommendations. Thanks for the article.

    • thank you so much and I wish you the best of luck on finding a great flight deal.

  • As a college student, I am barely scraping by to pay tuition. If I need to fly somewhere, it puts a lot of stress on me to make it happen. Your advice was really helpful. I will take it to heart. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great day!

    • thank you Alex , I am glad you liked my post . I hope it will help you to spot out those best flight deals .

  • Love the hint about the search history… just tried it on one of the flights I am monitoring and voila, it is true 🙂

    • Hi Katrin,

      many thanks for your comment and I am glad it worked for you.

  • Hello! I am so impressed by the thoroughness of this article. Now I am getting the idea of how to get the best pricing for air fares! What is your suggestion if you do not have 54 days before a trip? How can you still get a lower price?

    I will be coming back to your site to see what other great tips your offer. Thank you so much for such a great read! ariel

    • thank you Ariel, it’s so great to know you liked my article 🙂

  • Hi! Thank you for this article. I did not know that you can check in fact at what time of the year the prices are cheaper / more expensive. That is a huge advantage if you are flexible with the date you want to travel.
    Are the 54 days booking in advance valid in general or e.g. only for low-budget flights? I am thinking to go from Portugal to New York next year and I am not sure yet if July or September and when to purchase my flight.. I will follow your road map and hopefully find the perfect flight 🙂

    • Hi Mia,

      The research of Cheapair about booking 54 days in advance is valid in general indeed.
      I hope you find the perfect flight for your next trip 🙂

      Happy Travels

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