5 Tips To Save Money On One-Way Flights

Do you wonder how to get cheap one-way flights?When the air fares are high and you are not in a position to afford them, the only option available for you to consider is to go for cheap one-way flights. However, you need to have a clear understanding of how to get ahold of the best deal, as well. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and money unnecessarily. The following tips will assist you to get a better understanding of how to get cheap one-way flights with minimum frustration.

1. Look at the low cost airlines

This can be considered the most common and the most
effective strategy followed by individuals who are looking for cheap one-way
flights. The budget airlines mainly focus on these types of travellers, as
well. Some of the low cost airlines, such as Frontier Airlines and Sprint
Airlines, offer the cheapest rates to travellers at any given time of the year.
If you take a look at the rates of these low cost airlines, you will realize
that one-way fares are quite cheap. It will be a fraction of the cost that you would
have to pay for the bigger carriers. Hence, you can go ahead and place your booking without thinking twice. However, you need to keep few important facts
in your mind when you go for the cheap one-way flights offered by low cost
airlines. That’s because you will have to pay additional money for food,
beverages, baggage, seat reservation and any other extra facilities offered
apart from basic transportation services. If you are a person who is looking
for luxury, this will not be a good option to consider.

2. Check for alternate airports

When you are looking for one-way flights at an affordable
price, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead and take a look at the alternate
airports. Cheap one-way flights might not be available for the airport that you
are planning to travel to. But it is possible for you to find low cost one-way
flights for alternate airports. If you ignore these alternate airports, you
will be missing out on all the exciting deals that were available to grab. You
need to make it a habit to look at the one-way flight ticket prices for both
your departure airport, as well as the destination airport. In addition, you
need to play around with the travel dates and see whether you get lucky enough
to grab a perfect deal. There are a few flight booking engines that can
automatically search for the alternate airports and help you find the best
deal. By selecting such a search engine, you will be able to save a
considerable amount of time.

3. Break up large groups into individual purchases

Everyone looking for cheap one-way flights is encouraged not
to book as a group. Even if you are traveling with your family, you should not
go for a single booking. Instead, you need to split the passengers in different
bookings. It is wise to include a maximum of two passengers in one booking. But
if possible, you should stick to just one passenger per booking. This is one of
the lesser known secrets that can be used to get the cheapest one-way flight
fares from airlines. Now, you might think that it is possible for you to go for
group discounts when you enter the details for all passengers into a single
booking. However, it is important to keep in mind that the one-way flights tend
to assign the lowest possible price for individual seats. For example, the
individual seats are priced at $100 each, but when you search for four
passengers, you will be provided with a different price, where the price of an
individual seat will rise to $150. This is a pricing strategy airlines use and
you need to be aware of how to manipulate it so you can go for the best deal.
This will definitely help you save more money than the group discounts.

4. Look for the cheaper days

If you are a frequent traveller, you know that some
days are cheaper compared to others. Individuals who don’t travel often are
aware of this fact, as well. The reason behind this can easily be figured out
with common sense. On the weekends, the demand for flights increases. As a
result, the airlines tend to increase the fares, as well. On the other hand,
the supply is higher than the demand on Mondays. In such instances, the
airlines are looking to drop the rates as much as possible. There are instances
where the flights tend to cover their costs with the tickets, instead of making
profits. Therefore, you just need to look for those days and book your one-way
flight tickets.

5. Get the most out of airline sales

Last but not least, you need to think about the airline
sales. Whenever there is an airline sale, you should grab the benefits linked to
it. During airline sales, you will be able to book one-way flights for as low
as $50. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the airline sales, you can
subscribe to the newsletter of your preferred airline. Otherwise, you can use
one of the deal finding services that can be found on the internet. This will
provide you with the opportunity to act fast and book immediately before the
tickets run out.

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